What can contemporary Bollywood learn from cinema globally?
4 years ago
Sahil Arora Cut the crap. We don't need so many fillers and unnecessary scenes/sequences that deviate the viewer from the story/plot.
4 years ago
Dipa Motwane That the script is King. Hamming isn't acting Item songs do not constitute content Art can and does imitate life, when there's a semblance of reality. And there's something out there called Humour, which actually makes you laugh, unlike infantile punch lines & pranks. Not to mention cross dressing...give us a break guys!
4 years ago
Aditya Nair Almost every movie made in Bollywood is a semi musical. Why is it that we need songs in movies? We should give more emphasis to music and background scores rather than unnecessary dance numbers. It would also benefit Bollywood greatly f they learn to cut the running time drastically to keep the movie within 120 minutes at most. With growing attention deficiency it would make a lot more sense to do so. And it is not like all our 3 hour movies are classics or anything so butchering it would be a blessing for the viewer.
4 years ago
Devarsi Ghosh
3 years ago
RITAMBHARA AGRAWAL Story, script writing and risk taking in terms of subject matter, shooting technique, technology used.