Raman Raghav 2.0
at 1 year ago
Rohan Sharma
at 10 months ago
at 9 months ago
Akash One of hard hitting film which resonated with me.Credits to Anurag Kashyap for revealing the hard hitting truth for the people. Because many believe that there is only two kinds of people in world that is Good and Bad, which is an illusion. According to me everything is relative and changing, nothing is perfect in the world. In this movie both Ramanna and Raghavan Singh does the same deed but one ends up being punished after being judged as Psycho. I am giving this movie 5 stars and honestly saying this is my own perspective of the film and it may vary for another person and that is the reason the film didn't achieve huge success at the box office because many people didn't able to accept the hard hitting truth.